Pixhawk 2.1 - issue with I2C2 port

I have been trying to get my digital airspeed sensor to work and while doing some research I came across this post that claims that the "I2C2" port on the PX2.1 does not work:


The proposed solution is to connect the device on I2C1 (on the GPS1 port). Has anyone else encountered this issue ?

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  • The same article I linked suggest that using the I2C from GPS port2 will not work either...


    Thank for this, i have this issue on my pixhawk2 and i can't use lidar on the second I2C port.

    Is the I2C port of the second GPS is the same as the first GPS ?
    So perhaps we can use it without cut the first GPS cable ?

    i need to test...

    (...)  tested, that doesn't work..."

  • Yes, I was just trying to setup one of the new MS5525 Airspeed sensors on I2C - 2 and it won't work. I'll have to make up a special cable to try it on I2C -1. Someone suggested making a cable to use the I2C bus from GPS-2 connector

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