Quick unboxing

3691345088?profile=originalThis is how my Pixhawk2 arrived in the mail

3691345031?profile=originalIt is beautifully packaged in felt covered foam; it is very well protected and gorgeous to look at.

3691345114?profile=originalThe GPS unit is much larger than I expected

3691345166?profile=originalUnder the main display foam is all the accessories

Note the nice 3m vibration dampening mounting tape included

It has all the wiring needed to connect new and old Pixhawk peripherals

Also, it comes with a I2C expansion board with DF17 ports on it

3691345129?profile=originalThe DF13 to DF17 adapters are actually very nice cables with each type of connectors on either ends so no extra connection point as an adapter.

3691345192?profile=originalAll cables are nicely labelled which also serves to keep them tidy.

3691345204?profile=originalI don't know why they chose this larger connector for power?

I have plugged it in Mission Planner without any problems. It is recognized and will install the right firmware on demand. Also I performed the accelerometer and magnetometer calibration.
Next step will be to install it in the plane.

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  • Interesting.... My 'Cube' (with carrier) came in one box and the 'Here' in it's own box.  (eash with it's own cable set as your did)  I did though buy a second complet cable set...to use to customize connections (or because I know I'll screw up a couple leads while splicing/modding)

    It IS a bit confusing though.... having set up a couple P1's, it took awhile to get use to which port is which serial port etc ,

    then again, i'm now looking at opening the carrier to tap serial 5 as I need more ports!   :-)

    ...my own initial test bed.... Arduino for side facing sonar (collision avoidance) feeds an Odroid Xu4 as a Companion computer.
    The LEDDAR unit as (VERY) accurate altitude hold sensor, The OLED display shows boot up and op stats (MP 3.5+)
    Gotta' finish playing with the Scance Sweep...a rotating Lidar that will probably replace the 6 separate acoustic sonar CA sensors already working fedding the Arduino...lots of other stuff getti9ng added. I just like to know it all works before I star cutting making harnessing.... crap..still need to pick the frame!    :-)



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