How Many Pocket Drones Are There?

I bought one Pocket drone for $99 (NIB), and I just picked up a slightly used one on Ebay for $75 (free shipping). I figured I wanted a second one for spares, and maybe use the electronics with the Trifecta I have coming in.

I snatched the ones I found that were cheap, but they are tough to find. Any idea how many total Pocket Drones were built and shipped?

Thanks - Mike

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  • I put some numbers together on this a few years back, but would have to go searching through folders to find the spreadsheet. From memory, I think my estimates put the number of units ordered at ~1800. But how many actually got shipped is another story, and I think that number would likely be far lower.
    • Thanks for that. I see a couple that pop up on Ebay and Craigs List every once in a while, but it looks like they are mostly trying to recoup their Kickstarter Investment, as most are asking $500. Anything under $100 I will usually grab if I can (just for electronics spares).

      The first one I got (that is staying a Pocket Drone) has been a project. HAHAHA I can't tell you how much of a help the "informal guide" has been.........and in the spirit of overbuilding, I designed and started putting together new landing gear (the main part are RC Car Shock Absorbers)! They fasten with two stainless pins. I will post pics when I figure on best geometry and length (to protect cameras). 


    • A Pocket Drone perhaps isn't too bad a deal at $100, but it still isn't good enough to want more than one (or maybe two). The radio set (transmitter and reciever combo) isn't terrible and can certainly serve as a beginner setup for another RC model or DIY drone. The battery is a good performer, but also an awkward size. The charger is pretty horrible, and a far superior alternative is only ~$20. The motors are old school and offer very limited compatibility while the ESCs are pretty weak, plus there is only 3 of each. The flight controller in the Pocket Drone is also old hardware which is no longer supported by the latest generation of the firmware for multicopters or for planes.  Copter 3.2.1 and Plane 3.3.0 are the latest supported builds. The telemetry radio set is useful on other systems though (with good antennas, these can offer really commendable range).

      It is great to hear that the less than satisfactory Pocket Drone has inspired you to do a bit of DIY engineering.  This can really be great fun and provides an opportunity to learn heaps which you can apply on your next drone, and the one after that... and so on.

      I look forward to seeing your approach to addressing the shortcomings of the silly landing gear.

    • Thanks for the tips. Both PD's had new transmitters. I sold one for $50 and recouped most of the cost of the entire drone. HAHAHA

      The landing gear design seemed kind of obvious to me, but there is a bit of weight added. I just used the two ears that the original snapped into, but instead of snapping in, I used stainless screws from my LunaTik (IPod watchband):


      I just used cheap Chinese RC Car Shocks:


      Since I am using shocks, the compression length changes with the weight, so I have to measure five times before cutting once (more HAHAHA). Looks especially cool and hi-tech. Good bit of added weight though, but rugged!

      I have always been a DIY Guy. When I almost did a header into a 700 foot deep mineshaft, I built an RC Rock Crawler with an Infra Red Video Camera:


      Thanks Again - Mike

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