Here are step-by-step instructions on how to build a quadcopter using the Pixhawk flight controller, GPS, telemetry radios and the Mission Planner software.  Enjoy!

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  • Hi Garvarma, Sorry for the delay.  I did watch the video.  Here are my thoughts:

    There are two separate calibrations that need to be done with the ESC, the first is the programming with a programming card.  Then there is a second calibration that needs to be done in order for the Pixhawk flight controller to know that the ESCs need to go live.  I can see from the LED flashes that this second calibration has not been done or completed correctly.  Please review the link below and then let us know.

    BTW You should do a video on how you set up your switches for the flight modes and then post it here.  I have had people asking for one but have not had the time.

  • Hi Dene again,

    Today I try to configure again turnigy now, i can move by all flight modes in mission planner, so i think that turnigy now is correct configured.

    The problem continue, when i try to make calibration of ESC by pixhawk, and don't have any sound of ESC as you can see in video:

    Any idea? maybe is problem of ESC emax 4 in 1?


  • I forgot say that when i plug directly each ESC to ch3 of receiver, then turn minimum throttle, plug battery, switc on turnigy and throttle to max then each motor works
  • Hi Dene,
    First of all thanks for help. I have some doubts about your explanation.
    When you say arm the controllers what do you refer? How i can do this arming?
    Today i decided to restore pixhawk and turnigy 9x and start again from the beggining.
    To have more or less the same results in radio calibration in mission planner ch6 in receiver i didn,t plugged to the ppm encider(i may do about trim that you told me) i will attach photos tomorrow.
    Also i configured turnigy in ACRO mode ppm encoding, etc as you say in video. After calibration, i switch turnigy, put throttle to max and plug battery on pixhawk, and led flash in pixhawk blind on RGB (as you say in video calibrating of motos), unplug battery, plug again ( throttle to max) and after few second i listen the long tone,and after that inmediately turn throttle to min, but any sound is listened,

    Sorry for this big explanation, tomorrow i will send photos and videos.
    Other thing, in radio calibration of mission planner i have minimum values like 1058 and max 1860. I saw that your minimum values are 1120 how i can do it thst?

    Thnks again
  • Hi Garvarma, It may be that your radio needs a slight adjustment and is not arming which is probably the reason why the motors are not moving.  To trim your throttle stick, go to the SETTINGS and scroll done to DISPLAY.  Once in DISPLAY highlight throttle and then use the little trim switch (this is the little switch below the throttle stick) to move your throttles lower position to about a quarter of the way up (for starters). Save and then try arming the controller.  Keep repeating this until you are able to arm the controller.

  • Hi,

    I'm mounting my first quadcopter with this hardware:

    - Pixhawk clone

    - 4 sunnysky 980KV

    - Emax 4 in 1 ESC

    - Turnigy 9x version 2 with receiver

    - ppm encoder sum

    I follow all videos from your website and can't make work the 4 motors. I try to configure turnigy as you make in videos.

    When i plug each wire of ESC to ch 3 in the receiver and throttle to max in turnigy 9x, each motor works.

    I dunno if ppm encoder works fine, but when i plug battery and turnigy 9x, led flash slowly, and when i move throttle to max, flash more quick, but motors when are plug to pixhawk by ESC not move.

    Other thing, is in flight mode in mission planner software, when i switch GEAR jump to mode 6 directly not to 2 or 3... maybe configuration of turnigy 9x is not correct?

    Please can you help me?


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