I purchased mine in April, I just heard they not shipping til mid August now, for the 4th delay ive been told, Im so diaapointed with the release so far , pretty worthless without it, they rushed this one , hope it at least works not happy about the solo software no mission planning , not the best experience so far, would like to know how gimbal is performing if anyone has one.

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  • Still waiting for your gimbles?? That sucks.....try one of these,,,

    Screen shot 2015-08-16 at 11.39.34 PM.png

  • I'm sure its very frustrating for those who were HOPING that they'd have the Solo with gimbal by now...especially if they've planned some work around it.

    However, I can't imaging those frustrations can be too substantiated.

    Being the tech sector myself I get excited when I go to shows and see new product.  But I don't even tell my customers about them until they are proven to be shipping.

    I think if we look at this soberly we could all agree that we can give 3DR a break because:

    1.  This is par for the course with ANY technology product

    2.  They are doing better than many others who rush things to market knowing there's a problem still to fix

    3.  They are keeping us informed as to the progress which I've NEVER experienced before from other manufacturers of tech

    4.  They're not THAT far off from their planned release date

    • Just for the record, I am one of the "regular consumers" and you certainly don't speak for me. I am also a member of all of numerous forums (including 3DRPilots) and I can say for sure VERY few feel as you do. So let's start with, You speak for yourself. Nobody else. In fact I would say though most are anxious to get the gimbal, the vast majority of actual owners are also satisfied so far.

      Which next begs the question you have never answered. Do you own a Solo? If not, you don't speak for anyone as you aren't even an owner so can't speak for whether it is worth it or not. If you do own one, you speak from ignorance, as you should know that you could return it at any time for all of your money back. If you don't want to be an owner you don't have to, and you would be out nothing.

      So other than just useless ragging, what exactly is the point?

      PS: My card just got got charged $399. In my experience, that means my gimbal will ship next week, and will get to me 5 days later.
    • Let us know when you are flying.

      I saw many of your rants against the Solo - so it appears you have the right to rant and others do not? This appears so because at some point you decided to stick with the mess. It doesn't mean that's the right course for others.

      Anyway, I'm not on the interwebz to argue with you - however, I will point out that my "assumptions" turned out to be true and therefore you can be 20 again with some pills. Maybe it will freshen up the old noggin and you will start believing in seeing both sides of the coin again instead of only the one you happen to be facing at the moment. 

      Useless ragging? Hmm....reading your old posts I think you seemed to be telling the general public to stay away from Solo. Yet you don't label your own opinions "rants". 

      I actually have reasons for my research and statements - that is, I am a writer, journalist and consultant in this and other industries. What's your excuse? Oh, yeah, I remember - you are one of the mob with pitchforks who feel they have to defend what looks like a defective and delayed product.

      Carry on - but I should mention your rants to me are useless. I believe in fruitful dialog and my earlier mention that gimbals are unlikely to be flown in the wild in any quantity until after Labor Day does seem truer than all the fan bois who post about watching their UPS tracking back in July. But - hey - you don't complain about those threads...oh, that's right, the guy who was posting that all over the interwebz decided to dump his Solo and get something that works! He is therefor now persona non-grata even though he gave it a chance for well over a month (his crashed and acted up....didn't sour due to lack of gimbal). 

      You are misplacing your anger. Perhaps you should steer it toward 3DR for delivering a product which is not up to your standards?

    • Corbin,

      Agreed...  It is difficult to blame 3DR for a plethora of people making assumptions.  It is a bit funny to see people blame them for those assumptions being incorrect, and even funnier when people think they are responsible for stopping people (everywhere) from making assumptions.

    • I'm guessing the latter part of your post was aimed at me.

      I'm just chiming in with useless opinion.  So not sure why the animosity.

    • Some of these dudes are wound up since they never got their gimbals yet - and, as predicted, it's unlikely any regular consumers will get them before Labor Day.

      That was the topic of the thread. 

      Realistically, 3DR strung their customer along. Sure - no one should have scheduled shoots with this thing....I would have counseled that many months ago! But they did release the bird in theory at end of May  - and they haven't been straight about the gimbal. Most delays haven't been announced by 3DR until well after the rumor mill and original promised dates had already passed. 

      I think some will be flown in September. The real key, though, is when stock of the gimbal will be sitting on the shelf at stores to be purchased by new buyers. So far it seems like we are rubbing up against the Holiday Season for that to happen....so I hope it's long out and proven before all those buyers line up!

    • Those who ordered and planned vacations or paid gigs are definitely not thinking right. They were wrong for trusting 3DR in this case. 

      They are/were optimists. However, even the less optimistic assumed they would be in business by about July 4.

      Most of the delay announcements actually came after the dates when the gimbal was supposed to ship or be available.

      Some of the timeline is in posts at this (very pro-Solo) site:


      As you see, 3DR had not put anything out even in the middle of May. They allowed the rumor mill to guess at it first - and then they offered a free battery to make up for the "short" delay - many of those batteries have not been delivered yet.

      I can't blame 3DR. They wanted a piece of the market and the only way to get it was to release the Solo early. At the same time, I don't buy the "have to get it right" scenario because - after all - they didn't do that with the quad itself. They didn't do even basic testing of the machine...to quote one insider:

      "These are not hard things to discover and fix. If 3DR had done an actual customer Beta test as 3DR management assured investors was already done vs letting engineers test their own designs"

      No one can save customers from themselves. But factually companies can deliver product on a reasonable timeline with a reasonable degree of reliability. That's where I think 3DR failed - their want of the $$$ (they wanted pilots not to buy competitor models announced at CES and NAB) overshadowed their quality control and care of what they put into the marketplace. 

      The Latest Solo Rumours
      Rumours abound that the gimbal for the 3DR solo may be delayed, meaning the first batch of Solos could ship with just the GoPro mount and HDMI cable…
    • I brand spanken' new to this wonderful drone world and still getting a handle on the type of people in it and on these forums.  So forgive me if my useless opinions step on toes.  That's not the intent.

      When I go to an industry show for my work (home theater / security) and hear "released next quarter, next month, etc."  I usually double the time and then wait and see.

      So to plan a vacation or paid gig around vaporware is confusing to me.  If I had a paid gig I'd just get a P3 until the Solo came out...just saying.

      I would however like to know what you're speaking of with regards to Solo's release without doing basic testing and quality control.  I have only flown my a couple of times but the quality seems to be there.  IMHO

  • Wow Craig, sound like you know more about it than , Chris ... haha
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