Buy a Solo now, or wait untill the spring?

Hi All,

I currently live in South Dakota, and the winter weather is not all that conducive to flying.  I am seeing a lot of good Solo deals (new and second hand), and I am wondering if I should jump on a deal now (knowing that I can't really fly for the next few months) or wait until the weather is better.  I heard that 3DR might be bringing out a heavy lifting kit, and I guess there may be production improvements in later models. 

Any input would be appreciated!

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  • Byron, if I were you and the weather was going to be limiting my flight for the next several months, I would wait to buy one but keep my eyes out for deals in the meantime. No sense in rushing to buy a system that's only going to be collecting dust for the next few months...this is the first time I heard anything about 3dr coming out with a heavy lifting kit. Can you tell me more about it? Or post a link to it?
    • Ja I guess I've been thinking the same thing.  I want want one haha :p

      I have no link, just hearsay from one of the FB solo groups!

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