Clearing Up Confusion on Logs

Since my bird is grounded this weekend I figured I'd play with the logs a bit.

However I've gotten a bit confused.  Can you clear this up?

The controller is at

The Solo is at

The tlogs on the controller are more detailed then the Solo.

There are even more detailed logs on the Pixhawk on the Solo but you can't get to them through SSH.  You have to connect with a USB cable.

If all that's true I'm at a loss as to where to connect the USB cable on the Solo.

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  • i'm sure that was a typo, but its UDP.

    if you feel comfortable using ssh you can ssh into to solo and issue the command. it will retrieve logX or the latest log. it downloads it in seconds to /log where you can move it your local filesystem.


    get log #9 9

    get latest log latest

    • So does that produce a .bin file when run on the Solo? Mission planner pulls down a .bin.

  • The dataflash logs are still on the Pixhawk as before, and the way to get them off is to use Mission Planner or APM Planner. However, the method of retrieving them has changed to using MAVLink messages (vs. serial connection) and it's unbelievably slow. I'm talking "Start extracting a log, visibly age before it's done" slow. Also, it doesn't seem you can select them all for a massive (and massively long-term) "batch extract". It times out after a while. I just go for one at a time. Or, better yet, park the Solo the majority of the time and fly the Iris. :-)

  • Developer

    there's no USB port on most Solos but you can connect with mission planner using UDB (first connect your machine to the Solo controller's network) and then download the dataflash logs.

    • Ohhhh.  I thought when I read connect using UDB connection it was just a typo.

      I've never heard of UDB.

      So is it as easy as clicking the "Download DataFlash Log Via Mavlink" button once you're connected to Sololink or do you have to do some configuring in MP?  I could swear I clicked that button with no success earlier in the weekend.

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      It should be that easy.  It just takes a lot of time to download the logs this way.  So it's about 5x slower than using a USB cable.  Better than no dataflash logs at all though.

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