Comparison of Flight Modes Between Iris and Solo

I have owned an Iris/Iris+ for about two years now.  But I just picked up a Solo for a great deal.  I am currently testing the Solo to insure that everything is in order (i.e., latest firmware, software, etc.).  As I have not gotten around to flying the Solo just yet, I have been reading the documentation as well as viewing all of the Flight School and YouTube videos on the Solo I could find.  While doing so it has occurred to me that there are significant differences in the flight modes between the Solo and the Iris+.  Specifically I am looking to duplicate Loiter mode from the Iris+ on the Solo.  From my reading it appears that "Stabilize" is the Solo Advanced Flight Mode which best approximates the Iris+ Loiter mode.  Is that a correct conclusion?  If not, what other options should I be looking for?

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