Connecting a FLIR VUE infrared camera on a solo

Does anybody know what is the best way to connect a FLIR infrared camera such as the FLIR VUE on the solo? I would like to attach it on the gopro h4b so when one moves the gimbal it moves the gopro and the FLIR together. I also want the FLIR to display fpv on the tablet and be able to switch back and forth the fpv display between gopro and flir and record raw HD video and stills on a memory card or stick like you can with gopro. Also, where is the transmitter on the solo where I could maybe attach to the cable coming from the FLIR to transmit the IR video to the soloapp? And then, how could I activate the switch between the FLIR feed and gopro feed using the solo controller or the soloapp? Check out the PX-IR from! That is pretty much what they did using a sky-hero 450mm frame on a 3dr Pixhawk.

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    • May I suggest that it may be easier to order a micro HDMI cable similar to what is already inside of the Solo, and then cut one connector off and solder the leads directly to the board. This will be easier to work with than that micro HDMI connector that is designed to be mounted to a circuit board.

      Good luck with this project, and let us know how it works out!!

    • That will work as well, we have the equipment to solder fine parts and try to keep it "looking purdy".

      Trying to make it with the least amount of wires, etc..We will see how it goes.

    • Do you mean that the plan now is to plug one end of the cable to the IR camera and solder the other end to the solo board? As far as making it work for the VUE, we have to find a way to plug a 10-pin mini-USB cable, like those used on GoPro H4B, to the VUE in such a way that we supply regulated 5V power through it and at the same time taking its analog video output (then convert it to digital?) and solder to the solo board to where it can provide the 5V and also where it transmits wifi video to the controller. Once we figure this out, we will be golden because the FLIR VUE is a relatively inexpensive IR camera made just for small UAVs. Also, it would be great if we could find a gimbal system that can connect to the solo that could carry the FLIR VUE and a day camera and be able to switch the FPV using the controller "A" button.


      FLIR Vue is compatible with common cables that are used to provide power

      to – and get video from – a GoPro 3 or 4’s 10-pin mini-USB cable. A couple

      of examples are shown below.

      A number of vendors sell cables that are compatible with ImmersionRC

      video transmitters, which is convenient because this brand of transmitter

      supplies the 5VDC Power the FLIR Vue needs. Connect the ImmersionRC

      video transmitter per the manufacturer’s instructions.







    • Simply plug your chosen cable into the mini-USB port on the FLIR Vue, and connect the other end to your suitable video transmitter or OSD.


    • What thermal camera do you have guy compton? So are you saying that you found a way to connect a thermal Imager that outputs analog video to the solo transmitter such that you can see the infrared video fpv on the solo app instead of the gopro video?
    • Similar to this but custom built

      Just got the parts hope to work on it in the next week.

      I don't see why it wouldn't work.  The board should convert signal to HDMI out

    • Developer
      Looks like it could work, but I would suggest using an adaptor if you can find one, HDMI is not straightforward to solder.
    • Philip do you have any breakout boards?  I have your github info but have never ordered boards to be made.

  • Developer
    If you go to
    You will find a breakout board I have done for the Accessory bay.

    This will give you USB access to the iMX6 onboard computer... So you could potentially inject it there? Blending it with the gopro image should also be possible, but is beyond me :)
    Design files for the open hardware designs used by 3DR - 3drobotics/Pixhawk_OS_Hardware
    • Question:

      The FLIR Vue outputs analog video via it's USB connector. Of course GoPro's also do this (via their USB connector).

      However the Solo downlinks the HDMI video feed.

      Is there a way to get the FLIR analog video stream downlinked via the Solo's Video stream? Or can this only be done via a separate analog video transmitter?  It would be nice to be able to use the FLIR Vue on a Solo.

      I haven't searched yet, but perhaps a small, light analog to HDMI video adapter exists, or is this not needed?

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