Connecting a FLIR VUE infrared camera on a solo

Does anybody know what is the best way to connect a FLIR infrared camera such as the FLIR VUE on the solo? I would like to attach it on the gopro h4b so when one moves the gimbal it moves the gopro and the FLIR together. I also want the FLIR to display fpv on the tablet and be able to switch back and forth the fpv display between gopro and flir and record raw HD video and stills on a memory card or stick like you can with gopro. Also, where is the transmitter on the solo where I could maybe attach to the cable coming from the FLIR to transmit the IR video to the soloapp? And then, how could I activate the switch between the FLIR feed and gopro feed using the solo controller or the soloapp? Check out the PX-IR from! That is pretty much what they did using a sky-hero 450mm frame on a 3dr Pixhawk.

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    • I was looking for the same info.

      RCA to HDMI

    • oh this might work! I wonder how much power it consumes and if we removed the case, if we could mount it inside the Solo somewhere?

    • AV2HDMI

      Taken out of case, not much to it and VERY little weight.


    • 3702849302?profile=original

    • 5v 2a


      Check out FLIR VUE's website on the link above. It has a product literature tab with lots of info about the FLIR VUE. Basically just plug in a GoPro-compatible cable into the 10-pin mini-USB connector to feed the camera a regulated 5VDC power supply and get analog video out to your video transmitter or OSD. That mini-USB that we are currently plugging into the gopro of our solos without the gimbal is exactly the type that goes on the VUE's connector. However, the solo's cable does not currently feeds 5V power into the gopro. In addition, the gopro is sending digital video out through that cable to the solo's video transmitter/OSD, and the VUE sends out analog video. Take a look at the VUE's quick start guide. It talks about how we might be able to do it. 

    • Developer
      The cable on Solo is not suitable for the VUE, the Solo cable is HDMI, not analogue video :)
    • It might be small enough but I doubt it.

    • Just ordered one be here Saturday

    • What I would do after confirming that it will electrically work, I would take it apart, remove all the connectors (and probably the LED) and solder the appropriate wires directly to the device.

      Input would be the USB cable to go to the FLIR VUE. Output would be a micro HDMI cable to go to the Solo. This would eliminate some weight and power consumption (from the LED).

      We can also grab some 5VDC from the Solo to power it. But we should check on the power consumption first to be sure it's not too much.

      To bad no one makes an inline cable version of one of these. Something smaller and lighter. My guess is that the market is a bit too small to offer something like this.

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