• 1 photo == 1,000 words.

    • 3702019037?profile=originalHere's the picture.

    • It sure does! Let us know how she flies! I'm ready to ditch my the app available?
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  • Should be a 4S battery. 14.8 volt smart battery. 3.7 volts per cell comes out to 4 cells or 4S

  • Except, they are saying if it crashes they will replace it.
    That will mean using their battery.
    If you use your cheap battery and it crashes because you can't keep tabs on it then you won't be able to get a new one. It will be worth buying the smart batteries just for this reason.
    • And you get a free battery as part of the launch promo
  • Guess it's 4S. $150 from what I've read. Sounds kind of high considering the 3S for the Iris+ was $40.

    • If it is $150 forget that. Plus only giving you the same amount of flying time as the Iris+. You can buy 3 Iris+ S3 batteries for the price of one Solo battery.

      Just saying if so that is quite high price for a battery. Even if it had a snap on and snap off feature.
    • For a savings of $110 I think I can deal with my Traxxas connectors!! But I bet the solo won't fly if it doesn't see a 3DR battery :[ I hope I'm wrong.

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