GoPro Hero 4 Black question(s) + range.

Hello fellow Quadcopter/Multirotor users,So I own a Iris+ and happy with it, but I want to upgrade to the Solo. I have a few questions, emailed the company and still waiting for response. So I decided to ask here (been a member here for a while now). Figured it would be better to get answers here, rather than 3DR to give me "their" answer.So...1. What is the range of the Solo. 3DR states you can get 0.5 miles (2640 feet). Yet some user reviews stated they can only get about 600 feet.2. What is the range of the transmitter, for the FPV to my smartphone. Can't find any information on the range for that.3. They say the GoPro Hero 4 will not charge or stabilize during flight. Is that true?I am looking at upgrading, but it not charging the GoPro Hero 4 black while in flight is a big turn off for me. Just one more thing I would have to worry about charging.Thanks in advance everyone.Nick

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  • Nick some users get less than 2000 miles some get more. there are many factors that affect range. i was able to go 3600 ft on stock antennas. if the range is an issue for you the antennas are easily upgrade able to ones with higher gain. for example, with $3 frsky 5db antennas, i doubled my max range to 6500 ft.

    i haven't gone far from the controller yet. but in my house i can leave the controller in the basement and still get a signal to the app on the 2nd floor of the house.

    "Fully compatible with 3DR Solo and GoPro HERO3+ and HERO4; camera charging and stabilization only with HERO3"
    This wording is stating that the Hero3+ and Hero4 will be fully compatible with the gimbal and the Hero3 will only be camera charging and stabilization. Fully compatible means camera charging, stabilization and control of modes, settings and shutter. that being said the Hero4 will charge, be stabilized, you will be able to control the shutter (take a picture, start/stop record), change modes and change settings. You may also be able to do advance things like automatically taking a bracketed shot.

    • Thank you for the reply, I am really excited to get the Solo. As it will be a much needed upgrade from the Iris+. Looking at switching out the GoPro Hero 4 black lens with a lens so I can capture 4K without the fisheye look.

      So I can snap pictures, start and stop recording, all while flying? Sweet. No need to leave the GoPro recording when I don't have to.
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  • Hey Nick, Some users are getting over 2 miles on the Solo with full control and video. I have been out to 2000' on the stock antennas and still had signal. Same with the video signal.

    The gimbal is supposed to ship this week, and with it it will power the GoPro as well.

    • So what is the quality like of the video signal of the Solo. I know with the Iris+, the video starts to get static only like 100 feet out. I using the Black Perl FPV and everything is fullly charged. With Antennas properly installed.
    • This is what I worry about, taken right from 3DR's site for the Solo.

      at the bottom under "Solo Gimbal:"

      Three-axis stabilization

      Fully compatible with 3DR Solo and GoPro HERO3+ and HERO4; camera charging and stabilization only with HERO3
    • I think that wording means the gimbal is less compatible with Hero 3 than 3+ / 4 in terms of advanced functionality. 

    • So you think I may have read it backwards? It's possible now that you say it that way. Do hope so.. will wait on a confirmed test so I know for sure. Didn't think of it like that :)
    • From the 3DR website..

      By working directly with GoPro, we’ve made Solo the first drone to offer complete control of your HERO3+® or HERO4® camera during flight. The new 3-axis gimbal delivers fluid HD video to your mobile device, offers in-flight recording control and access to GoPro settings—and oh yeah, it powers your GoPro, too.

    • Yeah I think I read it wrong.
  • Supposedly the gimbal charges the GoPro but I can't confirm - still waiting for mine.

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