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    And from GoPro in the comments.

    Thanks to everyone for your patience and contributions helping identify and provide resolution in regard to this post. As always we appreciate the opportunity to help out! The recent firmware update for HERO3+ models ONLY, Black 3.03 and Silver 3.02, made changes to the USB to automate the file transfer process to GoPro software on the computer. Unintentionally, this may prevent video OUT service via the USB port to FPV devices as seen in this post in some, not all, display devices. We recommend that customers experiencing this issue reach out to our Support team to roll back their firmware, which will not remove any critical features from those HERO3+ models. Our sincere apologies on the temporary inconvenience to those users affected and thank you to our community for identifying and working with us to provide a prompt resolution.

    • I reached out to GoPro tech support and they told me that Hero 3+ is not supported by 3DR! Anyway what can H3+ Black users who upgraded to 3.03 do?
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      3DR manual says they support the H3+. Try contacting them and see what the issue is.
    • It turned out to be a camera settings issue. I set the H3+ to 1080, narrow and 60fps and I got video on my iPad mini 3. I tested the settings on my iPhone 6 and it works great. In fact, the video on the iPhone is much smoother than the output on the iPad! I am glad to confirm that despite what GoPro told me the Solo does support FPV with a H3+ Black with the latest firmware installed.
    • Well that's a relief. It helps to read the comments, but I wouldn't have expected GP to respond. Instead it's normally mostly trash talk and vulgarity. Thanks for pointing it out.

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