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Waiting on my solo to arrive. But I wasn't able to find the answers elsewhere. Is the GPS coordinates from the solo GPS able to be easily written to the exif data on the images in the gopro?

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  • Simple answer, yes. I'm using Mission Planner on a laptop to convert the flight log to a GPX file. Then I use gpicsync ( to add lat/long to each photo.

    The key is establishing the time difference between the camera's clock and the Solo's clock. My procedure is to take a photo of the mission planner screen (which includes the GPS time) right before a mission and then compare the time in the image to the EXIF time to calculate the difference. gpicsync makes this easy.

    Note that there are other procedures to accomplish the same thing: and


    • Thanks, I just hadn't seen elsewhere how accessible the flight data was. I know from previous experience with the Pixhawk, just wasn't sure if it would be a similar process or if they had locked this away somewhere while making this system "user friendly".

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