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    • Well my screen looks like this. When I hit connect, it does shows on the UI that it has connected but then, i do not see anything changing on the left bottom side info window. Also when I hit center on UAV nothing happens. Note that current home is some default value.

      When hit on initial setup screen, it shows option to install firmware where i try to click ArduCopter vX.XX, but nothing happens on the UI front.

    • just to add, when i connect my computer to sololink, wifi between my iphone n remote control, my computer seem to recognize location of my UAV and i see some data on the right hand side. However, map does not update because at this point my computer have no internet. Also, I expect data to change if i move drone around/tilt but nothing happened.

      Note: I have not done any cable connection between drone n computer and not sure if thats a compulsory step from 3DR Solo

    • Developer
      You just need to connect your computer WiFi to the SoloLink Network. APM Planner 2.0 will then start receiving packets. You don't need to connect using the button.
    • Well i tried this, but i have two problems:

      1- When computer is connected to SoloLink, computer is not connected to internet and hence map inside APM does not load properly.

      2- When I flew copter in this state using remote , i expect flight data in APM to change but nothing happened.

    • Developer
      1) you can cache the map
      2)AP2 should update data, seems odd.

      (BTW: APM refers to ArdupilotMega autopilot, use AP2 to mean APM Planner 2.0)
    • Developer

      I just verified on my machine and it seems to be working. 


    • It has started working for some reason, yay!

      However i am witnessing frequent link lost warning, and i have to manually disconnect and connect APM2. Also although my drone is at ground level and stationary it shows these param, does it need some calibration?3702929609?profile=original

    • Developer
      Those values look typical, why do you think it needs calibration?

      I take a look at the audio announcements saying link dropped. I think that is in error. It's connected just fine.

      The solo does send text messages for 3D fix when the GPS is not locked way too frequently, I think that causes the issue with the audio logic.
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