Is there a Solo vs Inspire 1 comparison?

I have searched YouTube and Google, but have not found a good detailed comparison of the Solo vs Inspire 1. We know they both fly, they both take pictures. What I want to know is the software side, more important the features.I know the Solo has Orbit, Cable Cam, Follow me, Selfie, and Fly. What does the Inspire 1 have to offer? I also know the Inspire 1 has a camera and video trigger right on the remote (which is cool). The Solo you have to swipe between both options on the tablet.I'm leaning towards the Solo as it is almoat 1/3 the cost of the Inspire 1. Just want to make sure I buy the right one.

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  • Craig I agree you are buying "faith" and admit I returned my solo as I was not happy with it. However I think you are lowering it to a level undeserving. It has the potential to really to do things with shots the inspire can't. That said I don't think they are capable of making it happen before the hardware platform is obsolete.

    Having owned a solo until a few days ago I can assure you its better than you make it sound. But you are correct. Too many "ifs".
    • "Better" is in the eyes of the reviewer, owner, stockholder, etc. - most of whom disagree with you.

      I can assure you that those who have seriously reviewed them are/were not happy....and many have returned them because of various flips, flyaways, loss of control and lack of gimbal.

      The real question becomes simple. Would I suggest that a good friend or family member buy one?


      No politics involved. Engineering wise it's not up to snuff nor a value nor ready for the market (no gimbal, no proof of how it works with it, deficient software and GPS, etc.).

      Maybe your glass is 1/2 full but there have been way too many "incidents" - if it has been delivered with gimbal in a near perfect manner they would have a chance. As it stands they are toast. 

      Proof is always in the pudding. So far all of the pudding myself and others who have looked close....has been as bad or worse than we imagined. 

      There is no benefit to stating that the Emperor's new clothes are handsome - if they are rags or non-existent. That may sound harsh but given the abundance of hype in this industry it's always refreshing to get a couple doses of truth. 

    • You are correct. Can't compare something that's not complete with something that is. 

      The 3DR guys say it has cable cam, missions, orbit, etc and the P3 doesn't.  Well as far as I am concerned until the Solo has a working gimbal it doesn't have any of those things as you cant shoot video with it.

      I also think the odds of DJI releasing smart shots before 3DR releases the gimbal is pretty good.

      I obviously wasn't happy with mine as I returned it.

  • This is akin to comparing the AR Drone to the Phantom 3.

    These vehicles are not comparable. There is no reason to compare stuff that is not in the same realm. 

    Solo is marketed "for beginners" and is in BestBuy and such outlets hoping to appeal to the mass market. Inspire is a semi-pro model that no beginner should get anywhere near....and is capable of 360 degree gimbal shots, dual control and much more. It is also capable of indoor flight, etc.

    Right now the Solo is only comparable with units that have no gimbal. In a month or two you'll be able to compare it with other lower end consumer models such as the Blade Chroma, Yuneec Q, Phantom 2 or 3, etc.

    It's an unproven platform which has had numerous problems with the initial production. I would not suggest you look at this model if you actually want to fly and take stable video.....wait a few months after after the gimbal is available "stock" off-the-shelf and then look at unbiased reviews.

    Right now you are buying "faith" - not an actual reliable and functioning gimbal-quadcopter. 

    • First off they seem to be in the same "realm" to me. IMO they are both multi-rotors, both take images/video (yet waiting on Solo gimbal). I dont care about taking images indoors so that feature the Inspire 1 has (for indoor use) no need for me. As well as the duel controllers are pointless for me, as I will be the only one controlling it.

      That's what I like about the Solo, it will not require 2 people to operate the camera separate from flying it.

      Until the gimbal is released, you won't have a full review on it. But as I stated in the original post. Solo has Cable Cam, Orbit, Follow me, Selfi, Fly modes. What does the Inspire 1 have like that? That is what will make my decision. Just sounds like you don't like 3DR at all, Iris+ was my first multi-rotor. Friend at work just purchased his 1st multi-rotor ever waiting for it to arive, which is the Inspire 1. That's why I am trying to find the differences.

      Oh and BestBuy sells the Inspire 1, it is just out of stock (check
    • It's not a matter of like or not like - the Solo doesn't have any of those moves because it doesn't have a gimbal. 3DR is claiming at least 8 weeks for new orders on gimbals.

      Comparing something that exists - and is semi-pro level - with something that does not and is in a different league is not valid.

      I have no problem if you want one or buy one. But you asked for a comparison. There is none other than they both fly. 

      The smart buyer of camera or imaging or quadcopter equipments waits until a unit is out and proven - we generally suggest 3-6 months - and then makes a decision based on facts, not on claims or marketing.

      As I said - be my guest. It sounds like you know a lot about these things since you believe them comparable. I assumed you were honestly asking the question......of why you don't see comparisons. 

  • Not sure how you come up with 1/3 the cost?  The Solo/gimbal is $1400 plus the camera. A Hero 4 black is over $400.  So you are in the $1800 range with the Solo

    The Inspire is $2899.  Sure that's $1000 more but long way from 3 times the cost.

    I cannot speak all the merits of the Inspire as its too expensive for my flying needs. But I will say it has retractable gear and a gimbal that you can rotate 360. Distance is going to be superior to the Solo.

    The smart shots should be really cool on the Solo once they release a gimbal which was just delayed again.

    Honestly if you read the comparisons between a P3 and Solo its going to be 90% accurate.

    I currently fly a P3 but have had a Solo. I think the Inspire would be awesome but I often fly miles in distance and its just too much money to risk that far away.

    • Yeah forgot about all the stuff to add in. I already own a Hero 4 Black, so won't need to be adding that into the cost.

      I wont be flying far away, as its 400 foot rule due to the FAA. Plus needing to keep it in line of sight at all times.

      Inspire seems nice, the retractable gear is nice as well. Was trying to find what pre-programmed features the Inspire has, like maybe orbit, cable cam.. as these will be used for aerial photography.
    • Well few more things to add. DJI support sucks. 3DR will be much better.

      3DR interface is not very refined and not nearly as nice as the DJI stuff. Tower app for missions has some bugs with Solo as well. 

      My biggest concern with 3DR is how slow they move on development. They are currently behind the times in my opinion but have the potential to have something really cool.  The pixhawk setup is no doubt superior but their implementation of it is pretty bland so far.


    • Yeah read that DJI support does suck. I like 3DR do believe they have potential to be the top Aerial Photography drones on a budget. GoPro is nice, but hate the fisheye look, and the software to remove it, is not all that great (distorts tge outside edge of the image/video). Was thinking about removing the Hero 4 lens and installing a more narrow lens so I can capture 4K without the fisheye look.
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