Leg extensions

3691237312?profile=originalI have these available for $5.00 plus shipping and I have the most time to make them on the weekend for those getting a gimbal and want a little more clearance. They will give you about 25mm more clearance( at least with my Tarrot gimbal. The weigh 2.4 grams and I can print them with or without the S. They do fit snugly in the Solo Backpack

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  • Send payment via paypal to richkphoto@gmail.com. Let me also know your shipping address and if you want the straight or bent legs and it's$5.00 a set of legs and $2.00 for first class shipping or $6.75 for Priority Mail

  • Last night I modified my leg extensions so they now slide nicely into the Solo backpack . If anyone is interested I can make either

    Bent Leg small.jpg

    In Case small.jpg

  • Please send link to purchase, thanks!
  • 3702077024?profile=originalHere's a photo with the legs mounted, this is with my Tarrot gimbal that sits lower than the Solo Gimbal will

  • Yes, I'm interested, but would like to see them installed as well.
  • Do you have a photo of what they look like after they are installed,by chance?

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