Orbit Radius

I must be missing something, how do you adjust the orbit shot radius (iOS)?

I can see the manual says use the right stick, at what point in flight or shot setup? Can you lower the radius to less than 65 feet? When I move the right stick up or down, does not effect the radius distance in the app, just moves the copter a bit, anyone?

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  • It's not super obvious at first until you play around with the app a few times.

    To change the orbit radius you set your center point first.  Then with the center set you can change the radius with the right stick.  Forward to decrease the radius, back to increase the radius.

    It would be nice to be able to set the radius before setting the center point.  Or at least have the option to change the default 63 feet.

    Once you set the radius you can set the speed and start the orbit with the play button on the screen. Then combine more moves such as increasing or decreasing the radius or changing altitude while Solo orbits at a steady speed.  Lots of options for cool dynamic shots then.

    • I find with Orbit mode it's easiest to gain altitude above trees and other obstacles first.  Then you can fly freely to set the center point.

      Once I'm above things I could crash into I just use the app's satellite map to set the center point.  You'll see a circle with a dot in the middle.  Just fly until that dot is where you want it. then set your center.  Now you can change the radius or altitude before starting your shot.

    • +1 to what Rich said.  Watch the screen on your Solo app...you will see the orbit radius changing while using the right stick...but you must first set the orbit's center point.  When you said you saw the Solo moving, just understand that ANY movement is either moving it closer to, or further away from the center point, again assuming you set the center point.  

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