Simple Solution For Extending The Range of The Solo

Hello Folks,

after running some initial tests between my solo and phantom 3 pro, I've noticed that the phantom 3 has far more range than the solo.

Does anyone have any simple solutions that have been effective at achieving greater distance with an overall better signal?

Perhaps a simple antenna change? I'm not looking to mod my transmitter in anyway such as implementing (soldering ect...) amps or such, but rather just a simply effective and basic solution.

I should note that I'm not looking to go several miles, but rather just gain at the very least the range of which my phantom 3.

I'm pretty sure there have been solutions that have already been tested, so in order to make sure I make the best choice, I'm definitely open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey Folks,

    anyone attempt a wifi card upgrade as of yet? If so any recommendations on particular cards you've had success with?

    I've been getting slightly better range since the latest update, however I would still feel more comfortable with a stronger signal in some cases where dense vegetation is causing issues...

    Thanks in advance.

  • I sold a customer Immersion RC 2.4 ghz panel antennas to use with the solo, as an experiment in increasing its range. He came back with picture evidence to prove that he was able to push it out over 2km with those antennas.

  • What type of RC receiver does the solor use?

    • Solo doesn't use any type RC receiver, it uses fairly standard WiFi cards for control.

      I would love to see if someone could provide a mod to the Solo to allow use of an RC transmitter/receiver for flight controls. IMHO this would be much more robust than the current WiFi protocol being used.

    • I wish 3DR could make an ARF kit of the solo. That would certainly make things more flexible, especially in relation to extending the range of it.

  • Thanks for the replies folks, sorry I did not notice them until just now,

    I was hoping for a simple antenna solution for the transmitter such as the @Rich B mentioned,

    which is said to get up to 2.5 miles (I do not need near this range but a strong 2km would be nice), but it seems rather bulky (I'm still undecided on them).

    I also came across a youtube video of an individual testing another alpha 10dbs panel over the ocean up to 1.5 miles, but I don't think the exact type of panel was not clearly stated.

    I do realize Solo uses wifi as many have stated, and most of my use of Solo is away from all towns/cities/built up areas, ect...with maybe a single home nearby for several km and in some cases also a small garage, but all locations are usually isolated from most interference (most places in fact don't even have cell phone reception). 

    I have considered the Wifi card option, but I do not want to alter the design in anyway,

    So would there be a set of cards that are far more powerful that wouldn't have any major changes to power draw and would fit "plug n play" within the current system replacing the current "factory" cards?

    Thanks again,


    • I have had good luck with the 'hostapd.conf' file edit MOD which increases the number of Wi-Fi channels the Solo Link uses.   The hostapd.conf file resides on both the Controller and Solo.  All you have to do is edit a few lines of code and save them.

      After the software mod my Solo has been out to ~3,500 feet at around 200 ft AGL with Solo barely visible over the tree tops in my local park, with 3 bars left before I commanded a RTH due to battery level, and that is with stock antenna's.

      No hardware modifications nor aftermarket antenna's.

      Some claim choppy video after the mod, but I have had no issues.

      3DR software updates will wipe out the hostapd.conf files and you will have to re-edit the files.  If you need a link or instructions on how-to, let me know.


    • Hi Chip Luck -- can you email me the instruction?


    • I'm not sure if this is valid after last update.  I have not had the chance to test it yet after update due to the windy weather here.  You might ask at the forum though.


      Forum link to modify Solo Code for LOS range increase

  • it depends what you want to do with it.
    If its just for personal use, a directional antenna may be fine as a good low cost option.
    If you are hoping for a more professional platform, I would upgrade the internal WiFi cards to more powerful 800mW units.

    Its more work but it will make the Solo far more solid and reliable which is what is needed for pro use.

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