Solo Alternate Camera Control

Does anyone have any information on when we can expect to control other cameras with Tower App and Solo?

I saw Chris say something about a new app coming. I am looking for more details. I could be using Solo for survey work right now but need a better camera and accurate triggering for survey missions.

Any info appreciated, cheers!

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  • That looks fantastic! Last time I tried Sony's wireless I couldn't get the camera to trip fast enough and it missed photos from time to time. That was with a Stratosnapper being driven by a Pixhawk. Have you found this to be fast enough to taking photos down to one evert two seconds reliably? 

    • Developer

      It misses a few if you trigger that fast. But when I process it does not seem to matter too much. Also I have been flying a bit fast at 7m/s so flying slower should fix that. I am not triggering based on time, I trigger based on distance traveled.

    • Hi Jaime

      would you please about your camera controller .

      is it ready to sell ? i am going to buy solo for mapping but because of triggering sony camera problem i am waiting for proper hardware

  • Developer

    We have a controller that plugs into the accessory bay and will let you control any sony camera that supports sony's wifi API. Not sure yet when we will start selling stand alone though. 



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