• Hello All

    Anyone know of a Battery checker for a 3DR SOLO batter? with out a blance charger i do not know how to hook up the 3DR Battery to see if all cells are functioning. Currently on a fully loaded Solo (gimbal - Go Pro) flying in winds about 6-20 mph & temps 70-80 Degs F, i am only getting 13.2 minutes on all batteries? at least its consistent :P

    thanks in advance

  • That is my understanding

    • I have read and copied here " the "Charger" we get with the solo is merely a 16.8v DC 3.3A Power supply. Each battery contains the charger and balancer for each cell. This is probably why it takes FOREVER to charge."

      I've just ordered a four port lipo charger and plan on using 110v two prong plug bent to fit the batteries.

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