Solo Control Lost - regained 19 seconds later

First scare today with Solo. 

Flying about 400 feet away 150 feet up 3DR Solo lost connection. App on Android crashed as well. Solo initiates return when this happens. Listen for series of beeps around 19 second mark. Control regained at about 38 sec. mark by pressing pause on controller.

If the series of beeps could be deciphered it would be interesting to find out if the app crash caused it or the control loss caused the app to freeze. 

Here is the link to the video.

Nice to see Solo does come home - worried though it might hit the field light but cleared it as altitude was sufficient.

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  • I flew mine out of range twice yesterday. The controller vibrated, and the connection dropped. It was definitely a range issue. Leafy trees definitely interfere with it, and the range isn't nearly as good as my old-school TX to the Iris. But it RTL'd reliably, so no issues. I did get some great video from the GoPro as it sailed past the top of a tree at about 30 mph. Missed it by probably 4 feet during RTL. 

    • Hopefully the RTL altitude can be modified on the Solo using MP like it can be with other MRs running on a PH or APM.

    • I've heard it voids the warranty to hook it up to Tower, so I assume connecting to MP is viewed the same way. I'm certainly not going to try it, but if I meet any "friends of friends" who happen to do it and tell me of their experiences, I'll let you know how it turns out. ;-)

    • I don't think you understand what is not covered by the warranty.

      I believe that using Tower does not impact the physical warranty of the Solo or controller but rather the implied warranty that if something should go wrong with a flight (using the standard software) that any resulting crash damage would not be covered.

      In reality you can program flights without using Tower that would result in striking objects (like an Orbit into something); but the possibilities of programing a riskier flight do increase greatly with all the options available for autonomous flights using Mission Planner, Droid planner or Tower.

    • Ah, good to know. I figured there was some kind of condition that they wouldn't do support of a Solo that had been turned into an unflyable mess by someone messing with the parameters Tower exposes.

      Now that I'm thinking of it, I'm going to go try to connect to the Solo with APM Planner or Tower and see what happens.

  • Can this be true as App crashed and Solo started home?


  • Developer
    Did you post the log? Sounds like a failsafe, could be altitude, radio, etc... Was there any notification on the transmitter? What tablet were you using? Brand, model, android version...

    Glad you have it back!
    • Hi Philip - I switched out the tablet - replaced a Nexus 7 with a Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 as the screen is so much brighter. Not sure if the tablet actually controls anything but maybe... as I know the 8.4 is a non-supported tablet. Had to download the APK to install. I'll keep testing - it could be the tablet or interference but at least Solo knows to come home:-).

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