Solo drone and Mission Planner

Once I download a mission on to my Solo Drone, how do I activate the mission once I'm ready to fly her? I own an Iris+ drone and it has a dedicated switch setting. The Solo doesn't.

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    • Erik

      Thanks, yes, good info.  

      Cobbled together is an understatement - but boy did I learn a lot about drones.  (To be clear, the Xbox controller is for the Payload Operator, I also have a regular FrSky for flight control.)  So, you're right, this is not a "hike up the mountain" rig at all.  It is a very flexible set up in that I can do many different configs, but portable it is not.  

      I wish DJI (gasp) did real waypoints/missions, because otherwise the Inspire does what I'm looking for. (Or an S900 - but big $$)

      Or I could ditch the idea of a PO.

      Anyway, thanks to you and Scott for good food for thought!!

  • Hi Chip,

    I turned on the advance flight modes and here are the only options that showed. 

    Cable Cam



    Fly Manual




    There was not option for Auto missions.

    Regards, Scott

    • Did this ever get reconciled?  I am in the market for a new drone, and waypoints are on my requirements list. 

    • Hey Bill,
      I think Eric answered your questions. A few thoughts from a Solo and Iris owner.
      I like my Iris. It plugs in to my pc and I like mission planner way better than tower. Missions are a lot easier to plan out on a large screen.
      As for the solo, you can load missions via wifi from your pc the bad part is that you have to activate the mission using tower on an android device. The solo transmitter is very very limited. Now for the positive thoughts. The solo looks and flys great. The battery life is exceptional. I sent my solo out on a 6,000 meter mission today. It returned with 50 % battery life left. The furthest that I've flown my Iris is 5,000 meters. Battery wise the 5,000 meters was cutting it a bit close. It seems 3DR made solo as hard as possible to fly missions. They came close to making it impossible. It's possible to fly missions on the solo, you just have to spend more money and work harder to make it happen. Hope this helps.. Safe flying. Regards, Scott
    • Thanks Scott, that's kind of what I'm seeing.  I understand why they might have made it hard to fly missions, and I don't mind a little bit of work, but I'd like something pretty much out-of-the-box for my next bird.  I could do everything I want with an X8+ I'm sure, but I'd be back to doing a lot of building, and I'd rather not.  (Yeah, yeah, I know, this is DIYDrones....  ;-)

  • Hi Chip,
    Not sure that you can use the a or b buttons to activate missions. When going into the solo app the only available options for a and b buttons are cable cam, orbit or fly.
    Regards, Scott
    • 3D Robotics

      You need to turn on advanced flight modes (in Settings) to enable those other modes

  • I suggest using Tower on an android phone.  You can use it to create your missions, and to start/stop them (and much more) - its basically Mission Planner for smart phones.  And yes, you can run Tower simultaneously with the Solo App.

    • Thanks Erik. I downloaded Tower tonight and checked it out. How do you download a mission on to the Solo from tower? How do you activate a mission when ready to fly? I did get my solo connected by wifi and connected to tower. Another question. I did get my home computer to connect to my solo by wifi too. Can I download a mission from mission planner off my computer and then activate that same mission using tower? I like planning missions on a full size computer screen and I really like windows mission planner. The solo drone doesn't have an "auto" switch on the transmitter to activate missions like me my Iris+ transmitter. It seems like 3rd doesn't want folks that own solos to use it to fly missions.
    • Once you have created your mission in Tower editor there is a button to load waypoints into Iris.  Tower will give you a verbal confirmation... "waypoints loaded"  When you put Iris in auto flight mode from the button in Tower she will fly the waypoints that are in there.

      One thing I would like to see in Tower or Mission Planner is a "clear waypoints" function so we could erase the Iris mission memory.  As it is it seems like you can overwrite it with a new mission (I suppose it could be blank?) but I'd rather have a "clear" function.  Then if the flight mode got bumped into auto by mistake it wouldn't take off on some unexpected mission.

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