Solo Gimbal Test Shots at a Pond

Gimbal came in this week. Here is some test footage I made with my daughter at a pond with a dock. Gimbal seemed to work well...operator still needs some work though. :) This machine is a blast!

Shot with:
GoPro Hero 3+ silver
1080p/60fps narrow
Polarizer filter
No software stabilization.

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  • Rusty,

    Beautiful video. Nicely done! I have the Hero 4 silver and I'm able to start and stop the recording. That's about the extent of the testing I've done. There are still countless things I would like to try out.
  • Rusty - 

    Very nice video and a lovely location. 

    A question about using the gopro hero 3+ silver with the solo/gimbal. Does the gopro hero 3+ silver have all the functionality such as starting/stopping video, taking pictures, maneuvering the camera position, and changing settings from the controller? 

    I happen to have a gopro hero 3+ silver and I thought the solo/controller/gimbal combination was only working with the hero 4 series. 



    • The video feed works through the gimbal's hdmi connector and you can control the gimbal to point the camera. But the start/stop, photos, settings, etc don't work for the 3+ silver. I had to start the video manually on the ground before taking off. It's actually tough to get to the start/stop button when the camera is in the gimbal. I've used the very tip of a ball point pin (not a great tool as I'm inking up my camera button). I'm still on firmware v02.00 and I've heard others say that the new firmware for the 3+ silver won't work at all with the gimbal.

  • Who sings the song you used?

    • Thanks!

      The song is by a husband and wife duo called Watermark. Check them out.

  • Very nicely done

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