Solo Log files: How to read them

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I've been meaning to get around to pulling logs off of my Solo, so I tried that today. Something tells me the normal way of pulling logs (using APM Planner) is not the right approach. First, it's pathetically slow. As in, it took me about 40 minutes to pull one 7.6MB log. I have 76 logs, so by my math (avg. log file size is about 7.5MB) it would take 50 hours to get them all. I stopped after getting one, and used APM Planner's "Open Log" button to load it into a graph view. The view was empty, which seems strange.

Then I looked in the Solo app's source code at the "Support Ticket" function, and saw that it's pretty simple to get the same logs it's retrieving. They're just files. The ones originating on the Solo are pretty obvious, since they're just text, and the others appear to be TLOGs, so I guess I could play them back in Mission Planner?

There doesn't seem to be any dataflash logs in the data sent along with a support ticket, which seems odd. What's the best way to get those logs, or is that even relevant for a Solo?



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  • I Assume the Solo TLogs can be read by Mission planner, is that correct?

    • I just started diving into log downloading using the Android app AndFTP. Got access to a puzzling variety of files, but apparently dataflash logs are not among them.

      Here's what I found. I would be glad for info on what each type contains and how best to examine them:










      and the only one I recognize and was able to graph and examine with Mission Planner,


    • yes tlogs, i remember them from the old APM 2.6 days, they could be read but i wasnt sure if the format had changed for SOLO.

  • I assume you are looking for more than just using the Solo app to send them to you rather than to 3DR?  I know you can go thru the motions as if you are opening a trouble ticket, but then replacing 3DRs email with your own.  Won't that give you the logs you are looking for?  It seems that this DOES only provide the last 3 flights worth, but if done routinely, isn't that giving you the logs you are looking for.

    • I've done that, and it's easy enough to get the files off of the controller and Solo without using the app. But they don't appear to be the same as the dataflash logs.

    • Developer

      That's right.  the Solo app is only able to send tlogs which are much less useful than dataflash logs because the data within them is at a much lower rate and also tlogs simply have less information including events and many error messages.

  • Developer

    I've started putting together a Solo wiki page.  I'm not an expert on the Solo so the info is currently limited to how to upload new firmware to the vehicle's Pixhawk2 (PH2) but maybe you and others (including 3DR internal developers) can help build out the content a bit.

    • Thanks for adding this info. I'll be happy to add whatever I can, still learning at this point. I guess I could save a backup of the stock firmware easily enough, I might try this if I work up the nerve. :-)

  • Developer

    Yes, a number of people have complained about how slow the download of dataflash logs are from the Solo.  Luckily Sid has a workaround coming soon.  With this patch the dataflash logs will be written directly to the Solo's IMX6 instead of to the PH2's SD card.

    DataFlash: Add support for remote logging · 3drobotics/ardupilot-solo@5471a55
    Contribute to 3drobotics/ardupilot-solo development by creating an account on GitHub.
    • That is good news. I remember you saying this earlier, and I'm sure that will help. Thanks!

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