Took delivery on 2 Solos 6-5

They already have American registration numbers, N665NZ and N666NZ. First test flights at our practice field went well 6-6 in 15 knot wind gusting 25.

Plan is to test them for survey, inspection and search work under our commercial FAA Section 333 exemption #11633.

Will post progress reports here. Feel free to ask any and all questions about how they are standing up to our thorough tests.

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  • What kind of flight times?

    • In further flight testing yesterday, we achieved 15 minutes duration in maneuvering flight, landing shortly after receiving the low battery warning at 25% power remaining. Conditions: calm wind, air temp 26 dC, battery temp immediately after flight 55 dC.

      One discrepancy we saw repeatedly: after one pre-programmed "orbit" flight pattern, the Solo app quit on our iPad. Control of the aircraft remained. We will report this to 3DR.
    • Im sure at Denvers altitude I can reduce those flight times by 8%.

  • 3D Robotics

    Excited to read your results! If you have any feedback you'd like to send directly back to the 3DR design team, please feel free to send me an email: I'd be interested to chat with you about your experiences & use case.

  • In case anyone is interested, we shot a video on the COA and exemption process-

    • Good video. Thanks
  • Flight times during test flights?

    • We only did basic functionality testing on our first test flight day 6/6. Next time out to the test field we will log flight durations and conditions. Weather permitting, that will be within a day or two.

  • Sir,

    Greetings from Texas,I was curious if you were using the go pro for imagery on solo and if so did you swap out lenses ? I was planning on the go pro for inital imagery and possibly buying an ndvi lense later down the road. I will be using pix4d for processing.


    • Martin,

      Like you, we plan initial test survey flights with a stock GoPro lens, looking at replacements available from 3rd parties like IRpro , and looking for a mapping and modeling service running Pix4D or similar software. We really do not want to do the processing inhouse. We'd rather be flying.

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