Using Tower App with Solo - how to

Has anyone tried using the Tower App with their Solo?

If so, how did you get it working (how did you connect to the Solo)?


Per Brad's comment below.  Here are the steps.

  1. Connect your Android device to the Solo wifi network.
    (you won't be needing the MavLink cable that Iris owners use).

  2. Launch the Tower App and select connection type *UDP* in settings.

  3. Click "Connect" on Tower app's main screen.

Careful: Crashes while using Tower are not covered by 3DR. Use at your own risk.  See post below for more info.

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    • Well I'm sure Sony and Verizon will team up to rush those Android updates out the door as fast as possible...

      Anyway, this phone seems to crash out of a lot of apps.  Might be some crap I have running. A nice clean reboot in the morning and I'll see what happens. 

    • And I will power cycle everything and try again tomorrow to see if I can get it to crash again. (the app that is, not the Solo ;-)

  • Hello, 

    I am wanting to do orthomosaics and dems with this solo I picked up yesterday. I was curious how you were executing auto missions once in Tower. Are you auto landing and auto take off from solo controller and then executing the mission in between or a full misssion from tower that includes take off and landing. Not sure if that makes sense.


    • Personally I never use auto take off or land. Even with my Iris+ I like to take off, get to a safe height, usually fly over near the first waypoint, then start the Auto mission. When the mission is done, I flip back to Loiter or Stabalize and land it on my own.

      I find this approach to be safer, especially in challenging terrain or forested areas. Once I safely get the Iris (or Solo) to a safe height clear of tree tops, I let it do the auto mission. I guess if I was launching a mission in an open flat field, then it would be just as safe to auto takeoff and land.
    • Full mission from take off to land

  • Several reasons I chose the Solo over the P3 and having Tower was definitely a plus since autonomous flight was not available on the new Phantom.

    • But it will be in a matter of time!!

    • I think you'll find the 3DR support rather refreshing, I haven't used them yet but I do see them interacting in the online forums trying to help customers. After years of DJI not supporting customers (even those that have bought thousands of dollars worth of their products) I finally ordered a Solo. The 3DR APM was an incredible controller that was doing waypoints back in 2011 or 2012 (I believe DJI supported them on the Wookong in 2013 for a wallet full of money), the Solo is Pixhawk 2 controlled and I'm sure future development with the support of 3DR will make this thing amazing!

      Is there any distance limitation on the tower app like the 500m radios DJI has on the Phantom Vision?

  • Connect your tablet to the Solo wifi and then open Tower and choose UDP as the connection.
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