Waiting for GPS - Solo won't fly

Solo waiting on GPS for hours. Never able to lock on so no flying. Solo requires GPS signal to fly even when in the Android app under advanced you set "Enable Advanced Flight Modes" which supposedly allows "fly without GPS." 

I have done a factory reset - held down power and fly, re-paired controller and Solo, re-updated software but no luck. 

As you can see from the pic below a GPS signal fix was available on tablet:


In the picture below you can see the yellow icon at bottom left of screen which indicates "Waiting for GPS..." 


Has anyone else been able to solve this issue?

Disappointed 3DR would make me wait till Saturday when they are closed to download Android app in order to update to be able to fly. Received Solo on June 3 had to wait till June 6 to update and now have to wait till June 8 to speak with tech support. Odd they couldn't ship with updated working firmware.

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  • One thing you might try (I do this on occasion with my Iris, and Solo now as well):

    . Enable advanced controls, and set your "B" button to Fly:Manual. Assign "A" to Fly.

    . If you find you're waiting a long time for GPS, hit "B", arm, throttle up, and get into the sky. You're flying without GPS at this point, but the sticks still work (obviously).

    For me, getting it up beyond nearby trees, houses, etc. speeds the process of getting a fix. YMMV, but it may help.

  • I like building my own stuff and tinkering, but am entertaining the thought of the Solo after it's been out for a few months and batteries/gimbal etc. are readily available. When is the official release data?

  • I am having the same problem with the GPS signal, add I got my second Solo today (first one was defective). After not connecting after 20 minutes, I took it apart and checked the plug and it looks like it wasn't fully plugged in. We are having a rainy night tonight so I don't want to test it until the morning. Just wanted how long it took for you to get the GPS signal once you corrected the issue. Thanks for your help and your useful postings!!

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi - super sorry to hear this! Hope I'm not making you repeat yourself but what was wrong with the first unit?

    • Does 3dr test fly these solos before they are shipped??
    • The first unit had a communication issue between the drone and remote. Plus, the GPS was not able to connect on that one either. All plugs, cords and internal connections were checked and there was nothing evident. The 3rd one is now on the way. Wish me luck!!

    • Received my third Solo this morning. I'm charging everything up and will be attempting to launch this evening. Excitement level currently holding at a 2. I'll update later today or in the morning. Cross your fingers! 


    • 3702843813?profile=originalWell how about that... it works!! A sample photo from my first video. Gonna try again tonight at sunset. 

    • Hi - It didn't take but a few seconds - in fact we were walking to the slider and it got a signal. It varies though - sometimes it takes up to a minute. Not sure why - maybe it forgets where it last was:-). Of course since we had the problem before whenever it is waiting on GPS we start to get worried. It does though help to see the sat number counting.


    • Turns out it wasn't the cable. It just simply won't grab a GPS signal. I've tried it all and zero satellite count after 3 different open locations, waiting 20+ minutes each time. Turned it all off, powered all back on in a different order, and reset it countless times and still.... nothing. Hoping 3DR will have a solution for me soon. It's been 8 days and 2 drones with no flight time. 

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