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  • Received mine today. Ordered through B&H Photo, drop shipped from China. It would appear that PCH International is handling logistics, possibly manufacturing.


  • Where is 3DR on this group, lots of un-answered questions.
    Has it started shipping yet?
    Still no app in the app stores as promised?
    Got an email this morning saying that the gimbal is delayed but get a free battery in return for the inconvenience. I'm happy with that.

    I have noticed that 3DR have changed to only shipping to the US/Canada. When it first launched it was worldwide.
    Does this mean any orders placed for international will be cancelled?

    There is a huge void of unanswered questions which is very frustrating.
  • I can't wait for the first unboxing video and first flight video on youtube. Maybe today or tomorrow?? When did you guys receive it??

  • Are we there yet?
  • Can't even get to the website now...looks overloaded  "

    Unable to allocate memory for pool."

  • GoPro platform for $10M and 18months...  that will definitely be disappointing


    "To compete [with DJI], 3D Robotics is set to release its own new drone next week, dubbed the Solo and priced around $1,000. The company spent $10 million over 18 months on the black four-rotor helicopter."

  • I created a new group to discuss the SOLO by 3DRobotics which is being released April 13th 2015.

This reply was deleted.

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Solo spare propellers no where to buy!

Hi all, What is the situation with 3DR Solo drone spare parts? I am in the UK and can not find propellers to buy anywhere. There are plenty of drones available (super discounted) but none of the shops have props in stock. Can anyone advise where I should order them from? ThanksMantas

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