Hey all.

So apparently the CAA has decided to clamp down on drone use here in SA.

I recently read the following article http://www.news24.com/Travel/Flights/CAA-to-crackdown-on-illegal-drone-flights-20140402

"the CAA classifies a UAS as any aircraft that can fly without a pilot on board. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be controlled remotely by an individual on the ground, in another aircraft or through an on board computer system."

Surely that definition also pertains to all remote controlled aircraft?

And Secondly

"Current civil aviation legislation does not provide for certification, registration and/or operation of UAS in the South African civil aviation airspace."


What do they mean by civil aviation airspace? Is that airspace over a particular altitude or is it everywhere?

Let me know what your guys thoughts are!

I am a student who is trying to build a drone for aerial monitoring of mine rehab sites and I really need to make sure that what I am doing is legal or else I could get into serious trouble with the university! If I get the landowners permission and fly below 100m above ground level there should not be any problems?

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  • yes what is civil airspace?  I googled it but couldn't find anything definitive.  I suppose if one was caught flying anywhere you could argue that conditions have not been determined, at least that's what I'm banking on.

    I wish they would clarify things but I'm sure that's coming in the near future.

  • Firstly, good luck in getting any kind of authorative and unambiguous response from anyone at the SACAA.

    Second, since there are no laws for UAS in South Africa, your UAS/UAV/Drone falls into non-typed, non-certified category and under the RC heading.

    Current legislation:


    Operation of model aircraft

    94.06.11 Model aircraft are exempted from these regulations –
    (a) except from regulation 94.05.1; and
    (b) provided that no model aircraft shall be flown –
    (i) higher than 150 feet above the surface; or
    (ii) from or above a public road,

    unless with the prior approval of the Director and on conditions determined by him or her; or
    in airspace specifically approved for the purpose by the Director and on conditions set by him
    or her for the use of such airspace." - from page 638 Section 94.06.11

    From this document: http://www.caa.co.za/SiteAssets/Lists/Legal%20Notices/EditForm/CIVI...

    Does the SACAA have the power to 'create' new laws on the fly?

  • Hello Hayden,

    There was already a lekker discussion regarding this


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