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    Anyone in this group doing the first RPA licenses in SA?

  • @Gary - it is called "life happened". Started a new job (not my own boss anymore) and getting married (*really* not my own boss anymore).

    But on a serious note - it is also too far for me to travel, since I am currently based in Bloemfontein. So anybody who can provide a professional level of service, please contact me. This is a pilot project for a (very) well known international company...could lead to big things... 

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    Why is it not ready Walter?? I've done stuff like that before but its a little far to travel. Just get the Talon flying!

  • Hi guys (girls?),

    I have an aerial photography (for GIS) project that I need to do in the Western Cape (Overberg). It is a 27km stretch of a river that needs to be flown and the images georeferenced.

    Unfortunately my Talon is not ready yet - anybody interested in doing it?

    You can PM me. 



  • Nice cat!
  • You know what I fly at the moment, getting the APM working though....

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    Next time I am up there I will bring my QU4D avec APM

  • I'm in jhb.. Flying apm on fixed wing and multi rotors
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    Hands up who's flying FPV Multirotor or fixed wing with APM in or around JHB?

  • Building a large UAV


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X-UAV Talons

Hi, we have received a shipment of X-UAV Talons with wing extensions in Pretoria for anyone who is interested in a professional UAV platform capable of carrying a SLR Camera.Please contact me at cvanvollenstee@cfaktor.com 

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250 Quad with Pixfalcon autotune help

Hi,I converted my ZMR250 from a Naze 32 to a Pixfalcon. I got everything setup and vibrations looks fine.I then did a auto-tune on the Roll axis and would like to know if it is normal for a small quad or should I be concerned with the low values.Stabilize Roll = 4,873756Roll P = 0,03859347Roll I = 0,03859347Roll D = 0,001254361Imax = 0,444Filt = 20,000Firmware Ver. 3.4.6I did try to auto-tune the Pitch axes as well. But the quad just fell out of the air close to the end of the cycle because of…

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Report a non trustable drone manufactor

Alert - Scam Airborne Drones Do not do business with this company - Airbone Drones, 37 Koeberg Rd, Cape Town, 7405, South Africa - www.airbornedrones.coI was robbed because after paying full, only part of the items I bought, where delivered. Even the drone I received does not meet the specifications (see quotation attached), and is useless.My complaints always generate a lot of of excuses and promises, clearly with no intention of solving the problem. Only to postpone it.Mr. John James Geber…

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