Team Prometheus is an organization of individuals promoting the exploration of space for the purpose of finding economical means of utilizing this environment to the benefit of all mankind. We believe there are economical means to achieve this.

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  • I know I am not a member of Team Prometheus I just wanted to hop in here for a second to say that I feel very Honored to have been the one to accept your group request.  I've heard of you and I'm a big fan!

    Best Wishes,


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APM to orient direction of payload slung under a balloon?

Just getting into balloons, folks. In a few weeks time, I'll be attempting to radio-locate animals that have been fitted with VHF transmitting collars (150 MHz) from a tethered balloon.  I've proven the concept with the aerial VHF tracking equipment hanging below a copter. However, my piloting skills aren't quite up to piloting a copter so I going to start off with a tethered balloon.My question is around orienting the payload (i.e. VHF receiver and associated tracking gear) under the balloon…

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Optical/GPS tracking and antenna pointing

 We are trying out a new type of tracking system. This ones optical! And falls back to GPS if it looses it's target. Then it automatically reacquires an optical track if it "sees" the target again. What we want to use this for is mainly antenna tracking on a simpler mount that is easy to use in the field and inexpensive. We are testing out a 2.4 Ghz setup with this tracker (rather than our BIG tracker with three antennas at mission control) We are hoping to maintain a ethernet bridge with our…

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