Skype meeting saturday - now sunday

I would like to schedule  a skype meeting for Saturday with everyone. lets say Saturday at noon pacific time. lets figure out a time that will work for everyone.



 Moving the meeting to 3 pm pacific.


Karan needs it moved to Sunday @ 3pm. It works for me. let me know what you guys think.

for a quick look at time zones see this map.

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  • Was waiting to see if I was going to be available before replying. Doesn't look like I'm going to be able to make it.
    • 100KM

      ok bo. I can post the highlights

    • So when are we starting ? 

  • 100KM

    I am signed in to skype if anyone wants to drop me a line.

  • Yes it does work better, skype is too buggy

  • Having issues with my skype.. when I log in everyone shows offline, when I attempt to logout the entire app crashes. Reinstall and restart does not fix it.. as a matter of fact you have to restart the pc several times to get it working, afterwhich if you log out you have to redo the whole thing again. Been having this issue on and off for a year now.

    So couldnt join... any plans to use Google hangouts in the future?

    • 100KM

      Do you find hangout works better for you? If so I have no problem in the future using it instead of skype.

      I will talk to everyone else in about 3.5 hours

  • 100KM

    talk to you guys tomorrow. @3 pm pacific.

  • Hey guys, I have been busy with a web app project... should be able to make it sunday.

  • ok saturday or sunday to me, my skype user is 'sambort2007'

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