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  • Hi keeyen pang and Wayne.

    Keeyen, you and me are planning use techpod to the same: mapping/imagery.

    My doubt is if my cam Canon SX230 or SX260H will fit in Cam place on techpod. Could you please take these measures and let me know, if is possible?

    Thansk a lot in advance!

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    you can use either set up the HS-65 fits the wing pockets and is a lighter servo with enough power to get the job done.you can use the HS-81 if you want a little more power and you don't mind the extra weight.

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    Thanks for the info, Wayne. I think the all up weight of this set up is very light for the Techpod. Easy take off and low speed landing is important for us to operate it at less than idea location.

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    James, the shipment to Australia Is slated to go out later this week. when I get an exact arrival date I will announce it.

    Keeyen, that would work. You will get about a 2 hour flight time out of it.

  • Anyone in Australia got theirs yet? I assume we will be a bit behind the rest as they are coming by ship.


    Keeyen, I was planning on the same setup. I have the motor, battery, ESC, etc, etc. Just need the plane now!

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    Hope the vertical camera roll and itch table upgrade will be available soonest possible. With this upgrade, The Techpod will be the perfect platform for aerial mapping. 

    I would like to set up my Techpod to carry a Canon S 100, weight about 200 gram. Fly for one hour and have at least 20 % battery reserve. I'm think of using the 6S 5000 mah/foxtech 380kv motor. What do you think?

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    I plan on making molds for just the fuselage of the TP2. It will require a TP1 to complete. It will be an upgrade. It will also cost more because it will come with electronic hardware for the gimbal. The original will be more suited for photomaping.

    A roll and pitch table for the vertical camera area can be done.
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    just go to hobbyuav.

    Great to know the 2.0 is in the pipe line even though most user have not make their first flight. The camera gimbal is definitely one of the most wanted upgrade. From the drawing looks like Wayne just improve on the fuselage. I'll suggest wait for say a few months to get feed back from the current user if any area can be improve. I have not complete my Techpod but I feel  foam cover where the tail boom meet fuselage is too thin.

    Mean while Wayne may need to design a camera gimbal for the current Techpod.  For aerial mapping, just roll stabilized head will do. Just don't wish my Techpod become obsolete before it maiden : ) 

  • want to buy one but how to order it?
  • 100KM

    It is my great honour to post the first comment here. I've received my Techpod few days ago. It may be is the first Techpod in South East Asia : )

    I've start building it while waiting for some parts to arrive. This is obviously not a beginner kit. You need some basic building skill to complete it. The video instruction help a lot.

    I hope to finish building it soonest possible and do the test flight. If everything go well as plan, Techpod will become our default aerial mapping  air frame. 

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Techpod in Benin for meteorology experiment

Hello allI was in Benin for DACCIWA Campaign with 3 techpod modified for scientic experiment.I used the plane for meteorological measurement.You can find some image in http://dacciwa.sedoo.fr/source/photos/index.php?nav=photos&dir=Save( you'll see an other uas from german university, very nice plane 25kg )I put the poster of the campaign in attach.To resume: 14 flight with scintific data. The aerology was very strong, some time the plane have some diffculty to go back to ground. Because of the…

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Techpod french certifcation

Hello allThe Techpod with some modification for turbulence measurement ( OVLITA ) have been certified by the french administration for Scenario S1 and S2 ( 1000 m distance from pilote, out of view) with the Pixhawk autopilote (http://isarra.org/ISARRA2014_abstracts/ISARRA_2014_Abstract_Cernov.pdf)Next Step one month measurement campaign in africa in june 2016Patrice MEDINAResearch Ing,  Toulouse University

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Techpod model for X-plane or other sim?

Hi all,Does anyone have, or is aware of, a model of the Techpod suitable for use in X-Plane or another sim? I am doing some development work with a UDB5 which includes hardware in the loop testing in X-Plane, and it would be nice to have a proper model to use instead of the default RC plane which comes in the sim. Obviously Wayne has the models he used to develop the plane in the first place, but I understand that they might contain more detail than he wants to release?Apologies if this already…

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