Add AT/Modem commands to Arducopter v2.9.1


I want to add these lines to arducopter software for Serial3 or telemetry:

AT+CGATT?   //attached to GPRS ?
AT+IFC=2,2   //"it's better to use hardware flow control"
AT+CIPMODE=1  //Enable transparent mode
AT+CSTT="internet"  //set APN
AT+CIICR   //open GPRS
AT+CIFSR      // Get local IP address
AT+CIPSERVER=1,1234//Start the TCP server, listening port:1234


I cant use the same structure as Andreas did in Modem_v2.6 becouse of the FastSerial.h are not beeing used any more i think?!?

Can someone point me in the right directions on how to implement these at commands?





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  • Change the AT commands here and give Sorens code a try...

  • Hi

    If i load a basic sketch to my APM 2,5 board and use FastSerial.h with this commands:


    Then the sim900 responds.



    If i load Arducopter 2.9.1 and use this command:


    The sim900 dont responds to the command. I have monitored the output and i get AT+CFUN=1,1  at baud 57600


    i dont really understand the diffrence between these command.

    Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong?


    Best Regards



  • Hi


    Can someone tell me how send AT commands from APM2.5 using HAL.

    I have been trying to use


    as i understand  hal.uartC is 57600.

    But i dont think my APM send this command. Is this the right command to use??






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