Pixhawk+drone cell+4G

Hello to allWill pixhawk work with drone cell.Also will 4g work with drone cell.Now I'm not a programmer,so I'm also asking,what would need to be done to make this setup work correctly and how complicated would it be to get a decent quality video streaming with this setup.Also where could I purchase a done cell at this moment.Thanks.

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  • I flew 5.7km with fixed wing via 4G LTE: 

  • Seems like DroneCell is out of stock everywhere (Pololu and 3D Robotics store). Any idea why? Where else can I buy them? I'm located in the US.

    • You can use any SIM900 development board instead you can pick them up on ebay for around $50.

  • What's the raspberry PI board do is for,is it necessary to have to communicate with pix hawk,and what's it's used for?thanks
  • Hi.

    Everything is possible..  Im using 4G.


  • Okay a couple things for you. The drone cell will work with pixhawk but its just a serial modem for data. It is not for transmitting video and the pixhawk wont output video anyway. So you still need a separate way to transmit video. I use 5.8ghz but you have a few different options. I recommend the 3dr radio modems instead. They transmit data like gps coordinates and airspeed information to a pc running mission planner software. The drone cell is hard to set up for noobies. If you want one i would sell you mine since i switched to 3dr radios but like i said, its not for video.
    • One more thing, the only way the two can intersect is that the pixhawk can connect to a device called an osd, or on screen display. It connects your camera to the video transmitter. And goes between because it also reads data from your pixhawk and overlays it on thr video. Got it?
    • Thanks for the reply,I used the 3dr radios before,but the downside to that is the range.Now I'm trying to build a rover that can navigate on a point and click basis via cellular data (drone cell) to defeat the range issue.If you can help me with that then that would be a solid.Also about 4g is it possible or not?And how much for your drone cell?
    • I too am happy to sell you my drone cell. I am in Aus.

      I have had it working successfully however have moved on to using a different setup.

      PM if interested, of course, I am not trying to enter a price war with Josh, so give him first preference if his location is more convenient.

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