Introducing myself

Hi Folks,

I am a handicapped guy who is pretty handy with everything mechanical, electronical and related stuff. I have a few friends that are into amateur archeology, others that install solar solutions and a few that offer security solutions. I see a real possibility in drones for those kind of things because drones that are real professional are in the very high price category that most of these people can not afford...

For myself i see a possibility for security reasons in my home environment but allso aerial photography of different locations. That's the reason i joined. If i convince a couple of proffessionals to let me build one for their purpose i can build one for myself too.

i'm a member of other sites/fora on this subject too, so i try to combine lots of different aproaches for my designs... I'd love to learn from you guys too, i don't post a lot but when i post i try to add value to the different projects



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  • hi there i am interested in u

    i want to know that how can i make a system for 3d terrain mapping for my uav


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