• Do you have Pixhawk? On beta releases have yaw autotune, in 3.2.1 I understand that you have to tune yourself.

    I read past days on google groups that you have to take care about GPS quality devices, or use a good device or an ext gps connected to it because it's a risk if tablet/phone GPS doesn't have good accurate or it's in a place with no clear sky view.

    I'm not try yet.

  • I finally tried Follow Me. It's pretty neat, but my quadcopter does not negotiate smooth yaws and seems to be all around "jerky". This is after a fresh Auto Tune.

    My guess would be to use the the sliders in the Basic Tuning to smooth things out, or is that just for the tx sticks? What other settings would make the copter not so sensitive?

  • follow me works fine.  I have a Garmin bluetooth GPS that has better resolution than my phone   So  I have a great position going to my quad or heli.  The camera gimbal points towards me.  Not necessary, but I had the GPS already so no cost for tighter HDOP.

    I wonder if I put my burner android phone in one of my drones, would the other drone follow and video.  Altitude would be an issue.  I think I should request a feature to take the GPS altitude of my phone and climb appropriately.

    To try it, I recommend putting it in a nice stable loiter, and be ready to switch modes if something goes wrong (you will have to switch out of loiter and back in to get it out of follow me mode).   Then it come to you and stop.  Once you are comfortable with the following, try adjusting the altitude and leash.

  • me too, LOL, one day I try but abort, it's little impressive that thing following you from the air :O; I should try again too.

  • I haven't had the guts to try 'Follow me", but sounds like a project I should try.

    • Im using a sony nexis android tablet and the latest version of tower and I do not see any follow me button at the bottom of the screen. droid planner, same thing. help

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