• I had it working fine with DP... This is a problem only because of the droid environment I bet. The almighty google not being %1000 in charge???? I don't know I'm not a developer or programer but I wouldn't doubt the constant issue with the offline maps isn't on Towers end. Thus the work round via a third party map provider. 

    • Hi,

      I succeed to use offline map without any problem, but i want now use my own map, made with a mapping plane and Pix4D software. I can upload my map in mapbox (i see it on mapbox site), but i can't see it on the tower app, i always have the one provided by mapbox (or google?).

      Is there a way to use my own geotiff map in tower app?


  • Instructions are no longer valid, as it is difficult to find you sers mapID - Need to enter som classic mode to get it. But, you can use these predefined Map IDs:

  • Instructions no longer valid. Where do a new user find the MapBox ID needed ?

    • Why no valid? you have to generate here ;that don't work? I'm still using the generated offline map but not try again.

      An open source mapping platform for custom designed maps. Our APIs and SDKs are the building blocks to integrate location into any mobile or web app.
  • This looks good! I'm going to try it!!

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