It would be very important (for me) to have the ends of each transect in the area scan use the 'stop and turn' functionality, and the interior waypoints (added by UGCS to maintain constant AGL) use 'adaptive banked turn'. The reason this is important is that when flying LiDAR or line-scanning instruments having the drone stop mid-point (s) randomly during a transect causes major processing issues. The 'adaptive banked turn' would have it simply and fluidly fly a 3D transect maintaining constant AGL, while the 'stop and turn' functionality would ensure that the drone began each transect properly oriented with front towards direction of travel. Thanks!

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  • Following recent updates, I've got the adaptive banked turn working well and no need for this feature at this time. I use a 25 m in between transect distance, and the M600 Pro is making now perfect turns between transects at the start and end. Nice!

  • Ok, I"ll try. I did try this with 10 m overshoot and 25 m between transects, and with adaptive bank turn it would fly half or all the transect sideways as it tried to adapt the turn and failed.

  • OK, registered this as feature request. Currently I can recommend you to use adaptive bank turn with quite big overshot.

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