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Hi all.

I've been using UgCS circle tool with action execution at every point. It works pretty fine, but I have a great waypoint limitation (DJI A2 controller). So I want to try something different: fly a circle at low speed and let the camera shoot by time repeatedly.

Só the question is: if I set action execution at start and select camera by time (say 2 sec. for example), will it shoot all the circle or do I have to set the total number of shoots?

Thanks.   Luis.

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  • Yes, you're right but you don't need to select first point to start at step #2. Just Upload & switch to Auto.

  • Thanks Anton, I'll give a try to multiple part missions. Let me know if I'm right with the following:

    1. Design a circular route with circle tool, 100 approximating points (waypoints).
    2. Set start point to #1, upload route to A2 (50 waypoints).
    3. Fly Auto to waypoint #50 and hold, Set manual mode.
    4. Set new start point to #51, upload route (#51 to #100).
    5. Set Auto mode again and it will fly the second mission part.

    Is that right?

  • Hi Luis!

    No, it will produce the same amount of points to fly around your circle. I can suggest you:

    1. Use "number of approximating points" option to adjust number of points in circle

    2. Use our feature to divide mission to parts. You can fly as many as you can and then set start point manually and upload second part of your mission. See screenshot:


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