Custom DEM - Coordinate System?

What coordinate system is used by UgCS? I want to export conventional survey and scan data to a geotiff to import into UgCS. Every projection/verision of WGS84 that I have used either errors out or put me thousands of miles away from my site in Alaska (so far Greenland, Africa, and the middle of the Pacific). Thanks!

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  • Hi John,

    I see that our engineers answered to your question. Please react to them.


    UgCS uses Web Mercator (EPSG:3857) internally but it is able to accept many different projections (anything supported by GDAL) and convert them accordingly.

  • Hi John,

    yes, this email is right. I have found your case - UGCSSD-4395. Did you receive automatic confirmation that your request was received?

    Our engineers are working on your request, they will contact you soon. I have reproduced described problem with your samples..

  • Alexey,

    Thanks, but there are different projections of WGS84 so that is not enough information for me to create my tif file. I have tried emailing support over the last couple of days, but have not yet gotten a response. is the correct email, yes?

  • Hi John,

    UgCS uses WGS84 only.

    You can send one of your DEM files (smallest one :) to our support team, they will help.
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