Fairbanks, AK

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Alaskan Professional Land Surveyor and drone pilot. Been using drones for surveying and mapping for several years.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Use it for work in surveying and mapping.



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John Brady replied to John Brady's discussion How to disable NFZ's in UgCS? in UgCS

Thanks for the response!

I know how to take off the NFZ's in DJI, and ended up just having to fly in the GO 4 app instead of UgCS.

Even when deselecting the Aerodrome or Custom Zones I cannot get them to disappear...do I have to have the…"
May 19, 2018
John Brady posted a discussion in UgCS
Anyone had any luck disabling no fly zones? I have a waiver for the area and need to fly near the airport, but can't seem to disable the zone as it shows in the manual. TIA
May 18, 2018
John Brady replied to Michael Gray's discussion Error Altitude too high in UgCS
"I am also getting the error that "Altitude is too high".
UgCS shows my drone at -3.5m AGL
My home point is right next to my drone
My first waypoint is set to 50m AGL
My max AGLs are set to 120m
DJI Go App corresponds to these as well.
What is going…"
Apr 26, 2018
John Brady replied to John Brady's discussion Custom DEM - Coordinate System? in UgCS

Thanks, but there are different projections of WGS84 so that is not enough information for me to create my tif file. I have tried emailing support over the last couple of days, but have not yet gotten a response. support@ugcs.com is the…"
Apr 25, 2018
John Brady left a comment for Alexey Dobrovolskiy
"Alexey, I do not have any trust worthy data for Greenland. My translation for my data in Alaska is off, it should put me in Alaska, but is putting me in Greenland, Africa, or the middle of the Pacific depending on which projection of WGS84 I use. I…"
Apr 25, 2018
John Brady posted a discussion in UgCS
What coordinate system is used by UgCS? I want to export conventional survey and scan data to a geotiff to import into UgCS. Every projection/verision of WGS84 that I have used either errors out or put me thousands of miles away from my site in…
Apr 25, 2018