DJI A3and LB2 - permission check failed + no video

Untill now, I  connected UgCS 11.250 / UgCS Android and I could control my flights OK BUT with no video return thought Light Bridge 2 - even though I can see the video using DJI Go4.

I decided to update both UgCS desktop (done with licence activation) and I reload the UgCS App (google Play).

The result is that I cannot connect me anymore: I always have "permission check failed", even when on internet. What did I missed ?

For my video problem: I am using a RunCam2 for regulation need in France. UgCS support told me that this camera is not supported ! I am surprised when it works with DJI Go;  Thus what video signal is supported ?

Thank you for your help and sorry for my poor english...

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  • Dear Isabelle,

    We can recommend you only cameras that will work well with LightBridge 2.

    Please, check that video signal reach RC.

    After that go to UgCS for DJI in 'Menu', find 'Settings', in segment of 'Camera settings' there will be options for Video input and Video output:

    Video Input:

    • Enable External Video Input Port - to enable/disable Lightbridge 2 dual encode mode.
    • Bandwidth Allocation For LB Video Input.

    Video Output:

    • Enable secondary video output on Remote Controller - by default Remote Controller outputs video to Mobile Device. User is able to enable/disable a secondary video stream to one of Remote Controller's physical HDMI or SDI ports.
    • Secondary video output port - to choose Remote Controller’s HDMI or SDI port for secondary video output.
    • HDMI video output format - to set resolution and frame rate.
    • SDI video output format - to set resolution and frame rate.

    Please, do the following steps on Android devices: 

    • Choose Settings > App and find "UgCS for DJI" app, select it;
    • Tap App Permissions on the App Info screen;
    • You will see a list of permissions the app requests. Enable these all permissions; 
    • Reboot your device;
    • Connect to Wi-Fi;
    • After obtaining an IP address, launch UgCS for DJI with connecting to drone without UgCS Desktop.

    Do you have this message after these steps?

    Best regards,
    Anna Moshkova
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