DJI Inspire2 not accepting auto mode

Hi all. 

I'm having trouble with an Inspire2 photogrametric mission. When I try to start (auto mode) it shows the following message: 

Auto mode failed - the radius of mission is over the acceptable limit. 

If I takeoff in manual mode, I see I cant go further than about 30m height and 50m distance. I've checked all parameters, all fine. Flying with DJI Go it flies without problem (no restrictions set up). Why 
can't I fly with UgCS? Maybe is it a DJI firmware issue?

Thanks in advance. 

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  • Quote from another of our users:

    This was my fix: 1) delete and reinstall DJI Go 2) Open DJI Go and reselect the maximum distance 1-8000m 3) Without shutting off your vehicle, close the DJI app and open the UGCS app. 4) You should be able to fly your mission without issue now.

    Maybe this helps


  • Unfortunately not. I already tried that on july 2nd with no success: deleted and reinstalled DJI Go app, even deleted and reinstalled UgCS app. The only way to avoid restrictions was manually fly with DJI app.

  • Luis, one of our customer writes on Facebook that this helped him:

    Hey, thanks so much for the update. Fortunately, I figured it out on my own. It took deleting and reinstalling the DJI go app, resetting the max limits, and launching ugcs.

    I hope this helps you too.


  • Thanks so much Artürs, looking forward to your changes.

    Keep doing a good job !

  • Dear Luis,

    DJI announced that starting from July 1 all DJI drone users are required to Login into their DJI accounts. Without registration the flight of  DJI drones will be limited to a 50-meter (164-foot) radius up to 30 meters (98 feet) high.
    More detailed DJI announcement:

    We are doing our best, to implement new requirements of DJI SDK4 into UgCS for DJI, to ensure flights without limits once DJI registration process will be completed.

    We will inform you as soon as the new version of UgCS for DJI will be released. You will need to update UgCS for DJI and complete DJI registration process.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    UgCS Support Team

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