I received a trial license. But When I want to activate the license, it shows a message like: "Sorry, an error occurred during the license activation. Error call of activation service: 'Internal Service Error(500)'". (attached image)

The error message is shown on my laptop. But on my desktop computer, it is fine.

Any idea and solution??

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi,

    We had temporary issues with licence server, if someone faces similar issues, please contact UgCS support contact from www.ugcs.com/support

    Best regards,
    UgCS Support Team
    Janis Jonins


  • I'm getting the same issue. It works fine on my desktop but I get the same (500) error on my Thinkpad. I'm thinking it might be  Firewall related.

    I tried turning off Norton but same error.

    Hope UgCS chimes in to this forum.

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