How to figure out why Inspire is doing an RTH?


I've set up UgCS missions with an Inspire 1 to continue the mission when it loses RC.  In some instances, the Inspire is continuing as planned.  In others, however, it seems to continue for a bit, but it then does an RTH.  I've checked the fence values, and everything should be ok with that.  I'm wondering if there's any way I can look into the DJI logs to figure out why the Inspire is doing an RTH when I don't want it to?

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  • With our Matrice's we would get unintended RTH every 20 hours of flight or so.  The worst is when it does an unintended landing.  After looking at the DJI flight log in DJI Assistant, there was a 0 voltage reading which triggered an immediate failsafe.  That would be the first place I would look.  I assume that it thinks the battery level is so low it needs to come back.  I have no solution or answer as to why it does this though.

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    If the drone was connected to UgCS during the flight, you can replay the route in UgCS Telemetry player and view the telemetry log. To analyze DJI logs, you will have to use DJI Assistant for Inspire.

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    Janis Jonins

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