Logging in DJI GO 4 while flying in UgCS

Hi all,

wondering if anyone else has this issue and might now the answer? I'm using UgCS for DJI on a Lenovo Tab 3 running android 5.1, and this is the only android device we have, everything else is apple (I bought it expressly to use with UgCS). When I plug in the USB the tablet asks which app you want to use it with, DJI GO or UgCS - you can't chose more than one. So I can do my preflights and calibrations etc... in GO but then I have to unplug, replug and chose UgCS in order to fly the mission. That's not actually the problem, I don't mind doing that.

The problem I have is that DJI GO 4 then doesn't log any information about the flight, because it's not using the USB connection while UgCS is. To begin with I didn't even notice this because I was running one drone (a P4) and just using some simple forms for log book info like battery use, flight times, maintenance etc... But now we have 3 drones and the logging feature in DJI GO 4 is actually pretty useful because we sync it to Healthy Drones for maintenance records. We're also integrating all our records into a database with the intent of pulling the flight data directly from the DJI GO app.

So what I want to know is; does the latest version of android (7?) allow the two apps to share the data from the USB cable, like my iPad does with DJI GO and DronePan? If it does then it's a simple matter to upgrade the tablet. If not then I'm not sure what the solution is, because there's no sign of an iOS UgCS app.



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  • Thanks Alexey, that's a good workaround. I do like having the telemetry on my laptop though and I pretty much don't touch the controller at all when I'm using UgCS unless the landing area is constrained. I'm also going to contact Healthy Drones as I can download and convert the dat files in the P4 but the csv files are always too large for upload. One way or another I will figure out how to get this working!



  • Hi,

    I can propose you workaround if you don't need to have telemetry in UgCS. You can upload mission to the drone using UgCS + UgCS for DJI app, start mission execution and pause mission immediately.
    Next please detach USB cable from Android device, attach it again, select DJI GO (just once) - you will see uploaded route in DJI GO and can continue execution under DJI GO control.

    Also I sent letter to HealthyDrones - may be they will implement UgCS integration.

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