Phantom 4 -UgCS Video Stream Issues.

Has anyone successfully used the video streaming  feature on a Phantom 4?  Sometimes it will connect and show the video stream and sometimes it will not.  If you have it working please send me a copy of your video streaming configuration settings.  I would appreciate it. Thx

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  • My problem has been resolved by adding the two lines to the video configuration file as suggested by the developers.  Thanks Sergey for your prompt and professional assistance which resulted in correcting the problem.  The cameras on my pc needed to be turned off.  The cameras were causing the video service to stop.  Other than the modification of these two lines, the configuration file for video steaming works with the default installation.

    Thanks, Sergey!! 

  • Dear Henry,

    The developers have proposed to add two lines to the file:
    vstreamer.videodevices.exclude.0 = Microsoft Camera Rear
    vstreamer.videodevices.exclude.1 = Microsoft Camera Front

    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ UgCS \ bin \ vstreamer.conf

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