Route upload failed. Road not accepted. Phantom 3 Adv


Trying to upload flight plan to Phantom 3 Advanced. Always got same error:

Rote "..." upload failed. Route not accepted. From UGCS on notebook.

On smartphone in UGCS for DJI software i got error messare:
Route upload failed
Set home location FAILED
Error! A location is valid if it is within 30M of initial take-off location OR corrent RC location as shown by RC GPS of mobile device GPS.

One try from 30 is succesfull. Rote uploading normally, Take-off is automatic, flying on rote is automatic, photo capturing manual, landing manual.

Phantom firmware V01.08.0080
UGCS on notebook version 2.8.613
UGCS for DJI is latest





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  • Hi Alex!

    This DJI restriction for 30m from the first point of the route. Bring the drone close to the first point.


    • Thank you )

This reply was deleted.